Integrating with KISSmetrics

Tapstream Advanced users can integrate their Tapstream data with KISSmetrics. Doing so will allow you to see events from your app in your KISSmetrics website user timelines.

Enabling KISSmetrics integration in the Tapstream JavaScript

To integrate, you must have both the Tapstream JavaScript and the KISSmetrics JavaScript installed on your site.

Remove the following lines from your Tapstream JavaScript installation. (We're going to put them elsewhere.)

_tsq.push(["setAccountName", "your_tapstream_account_name"]);
_tsq.push(["fireHit", "javascript_tracker", []]);

Then, below both your Tapstream and KISSmetrics JavaScript, add the following:

<script type="text/javascript">
_kmq.push(function() {
    _tsq.push(["setAccountName", "your_tapstream_account_name"]);
    _tsq.push(["addCustomParameter", "km_identity", KM.i()]);
    _tsq.push(["fireHit", "javascript_tracker", []]);

Aliasing a named identity collected in your app

If your app collects your KISSmetrics named identity, like, you should alias the named identity with the identity recorded by Tapstream's JavaScript.

The Tapstream SDK's Onboarding Links feature (iOS docs, Android docs) allows your app to retrieve information from clicks and impressions that preceded the app's installation.

Follow the Onboarding Links documentation linked above so that your app receives a JSON response representing your users' conversion information. Then, parse the JSON to find the value for the custom parameter km_identity.

Once you have the value of km_identity, make a request from your app to KISSmetrics' aliasing API, like so:


  • my_api_key is your KISSmetrics API key
  • km_identity_value is the value of km_identity retrieved from the Tapstream first-run modification JSON
  • is the URL-encoded named identity your app collected from your user

Enabling the integration in your Tapstream account

To enable your KISSmetrics integration in your Tapstream account, log in to your Tapstream dashboard. Click the geaer icon and navigate to your Configuration page.

Press + Add Analytics Integration, and choose KISSmetrics from the dropdown.

Adding the KISSmetrics integration to your account

Provide your KISSmetrics API key in the form that appears. If you've followed these instructions exactly, you can leave the KISSmetrics identity field as it appears by default.

Press Save changes to finalize the integration.

You're done! Now, actions taken by app users that Tapstream attributes to your website visitors will appear in your KISSmetrics account.