Deferred Deep Links

All Tapstream campaigns support Deferred Deep Links.

Deferred Deep Links allow you to send users who already have your app directly inside your app to a deep destination when they click the Tapstream campaign link.

If the user doesn't have your app, Tapstream will redirect them to a fallback destination you define for their platform. When they install your app, you can use the Tapstream SDK's Onboarding Links feature to find out what their intended deep link destination was. (Refer to your platform's SDK documentation for details.)

App requirements

To deep link on iOS, your app must have a registered URL scheme. Check Apple's documentation on registered URL schemes for more information on adding a registered URL scheme to your app.

To deep link on Android, you need to construct an Android Intent URL. Check Google's docs on Android Intents for instructions on how to do this.

You will also need to implement the latest Tapstream SDK, including the Onboarding Links capability. Read on for more details on how this capability relates to Deferred Deep Links.

Adding Deferred Deep Link destinations to your campaign

You can add Deferred Deep Link destinations to any campaign.

When creating or editing a campaign, click the Advanced button next to the "Your App's URL" field.

Create a new destination for each platform you want to use Deferred Deep Links on by taking the following steps:

  • Press Create New Destination
  • Enter a destination name (like "iPhone Deep Link")
  • Enter a deep link destination URL. Your deep link destination URL must either match your iOS Registered URL schema, or your Android app's intent URL schema.
  • Select your target platform from the "Device" dropdown. Make sure you choose the Registered URL option for iOS devices or the Intent URL option for Android devices.
  • Optionally, add a fallback destination for each target platform. The fallback destination should be your app's App Store or Google Play URL.

Now that your Tapstream campaign has deep link and fallback destinations defined for each target platform, you can begin using your campaign link. Devices that already have your app installed will be passed through the deep link destination; devices that do not have your app installed will be taken to the fallback destination.

Using Deferred Deep Links with new users

When Tapstream redirects a user who doesn't have your app through a fallback URL, it stores the deep link URL that it tried to provide to the user for your later retrieval.

By using Tapstream's Onboarding Links capability from within the Tapstream SDK, you can retrieve the deferred deep link URL and redirect the user to the correct deep link destination.

For implementing this capability in the Tapstream SDK, please refer to the iOS SDK documentation or Android SDK documentation on Onboarding Links.

If you wish to simulate conversions to test Deferred Deep Link functionality, please refer to the documentation on simulating Tapstream conversions.